I’m a Vegan .. Duh

Welcome to my Page.

A little about myself, I’m Caiti an Australian Vegan who wants to change the world, hey they say dream big! Basically I want to live in a cruelty free world in which animals are free to live their lives without torture, in a world where no ones says “if you don’t eat meat and dairy what do you eat?”

I’m new to this but hope you’ll stick it out with me… I plan to share all my Vegan Recipes and Reviews on Vegan Products here, if you have an item you want reviewed send me a message I would love to give it a go and let you know what I think, ¬†whether it’s food, drink, beauty product or something else.

If you make Vegan Products I would love to help you promote your business just send me a Direct message on Instagram and we can arrange it.

Thanks for your support

Vegans need to stick together we are trying to change the world here and we can’t do it alone.

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